counseling & psychiatric services

Services overview
At Advances and Breakthroughs in Mental Health we offer a wide variety of counseling and psychiatric services to treat a full range of mental health and/or substance abuse difficulties.

Our providers are specialized in varying treatment areas. We work with each patient in an individualized manner to match them with the best provider and develop a treatment plan for their specific needs. We treat children, teens, adults, and geriatrics who are either suffering from these issues or who are family members, friends, or significant others who have been affected by their loved one's afflictions.

Some of the methods we use are:

We offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy. We also provide psychological
evaluations and testing to identify any underlying causes.

Psychiatric Services
Our team psychiatrist can perform initial psychiatric tests to determine if there are
possible medications that may help. Ongoing medication management is provided.

Specialized Therapies
Our providers specialize in unique therapies and philosophies that have proven results in
the pyschology field, including EMDR Trauma Therapy, Anger Management, Crisis Intervention, etc.

Services for Children
We treat disorders affecting children such as Autism, ADD, ADHD, and learning disabilities. We utilize
techniques such as Applied Behavioral Analysis and Social Skills Group/Play Group Therapy.

Testing & Evaluations
Tests are used to evaluate the needs of each client and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

Each client receives an initial psychological evaluation and may be asked to answer certain questions similar to a test or exam. These questions help us determine the client's individual psychological traits and helps us formulate an accurate game plan.

Our offices also offer other types of testing to assist our clients, such as testing for learning disabilities, Fitness For Duty evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, etc.